In modern baseball the analytics departments have adopted a “three true outcomes” approach to game philosophy and roster construction.  In this model, player acquisition and management decisions are predicated on the three true outcomes of a homerun, walk, or strikeout.  The baseball analysts have recognized that batted balls in play– in all their excitement and unpredictability– are actually unconducive to achieving the most efficient form of baseball possible.  The three true outcomes and SABRmetric baseball will continue to eradicate game diversity, athletic intuition, and playstyles that deviate from the consensus player archetype.  This is moneyball and the live ball era died a long time ago.

Outside of the United States, the countries that produce the most professional baseball players include the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Columbia, and South Korea.  Follow the path of American imperialism.

While a small percentage of professional ballplayers reach the majors, the vast majority spend their entire careers trying to progress through a multi-tiered minor league system where the average salary ranges from $4,800 to $14,000.  Prased alternatively, the average professional baseball player earns something between 5 and 32 percent of a living wage in the United States.  Follow the path of American slavery.