To the Community,

It’s happening again.  We unequivocally condemn the ongoing and increased manifestations of anti-Asian violence, harassment, and racism in New York City and across the country.  These violent acts reflect a history of prejudice and discrimination toward Asian and Asian American communities in the United States.
We honor the memories of all victims of racial violence who senselessly lost their lives and have been harmed due to hate.  We know that the true scale and personal toll of these acts go well beyond the cases that receive media attention, and the all-too-fleeting moments of public outrage that ensue.

Sadly, these are not new issues.  We have been here before and have issued statements all the same.  And while our company must not be silent in the face of pervasive and persistent issues of racism and violence, we know that to help disrupt the insidious and violent nature of racism and all forms of hate against marginalized communities, and to help support and heal our community, we must do more than offer statements of solidarity  We will work to help educate and support our community.  We will contribute our tools and resources to build a more just community within and beyond the company.  As an organization that values diversity, we must be heard in leading the call for an end to racism and the violent acts and policies that it engenders.

The Human Resources Office is working across the company on policies and practices to build a more safe, equitable, just, and inclusive community.  In our programming, we are using the tools at our avail to impact the lives of our community and disrupt discrimination, violence, and stratification based upon identity.  There is more to be done.